About us

Mission Statement

American Med Trading, LLC (AMT) is committed to exporting high quality medical devices, cosmetic equipment and beauty supplies to several European and Middle Eastern countries , including Germany, France, Austria, Italy, and the United Kingdom as well as the United Arab Emirates.

Who We Are?

AMT is a LLC located in Costa Mesa, CA, founded with the goal of providing high quality medical devices, cosmetic equipment and beauty supplies for exportation to several European and Middle Eastern countries. We buy our products directly from U.S. manufacturers and wholesalers to provide doctors, hospitals and other care facilities with the best products on the market today. We take extra consideration in the care and handling of our products during the shipment processes and are dedicated to seeing that they are received within a timely manner. Our products range from machines in electrocardiography, hemodialysis, electroencephalography, various prosthetic devices, dental equipment and supplies, orthopedic devices, and many more to various beauty creams and serums. In the future, we are looking forward to expanding our business to include our own brand to provide the medical and cosmetic world competitive prices and superior quality with our own unique line of products. For anything not found on our website, please contact us directly and we will be happy to assist in locating a manufacturer with your specific item/s request or in regards to anything else.

Our Team

AMT team is devoted to deliver outstanding customer service while providing the highest quality in products. We also respect and value our customers and we are here to assure you are always satisfied with our performance.
  • Dr. Behzad Ghodsinia
    Dr. Behzad Ghodsinia
  • Neda Emami
    Neda Emami
    Purchasing Manager
  • Bita Jalali
    Bita Jalali
    Export Specialist